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Get To Know Your Photographer

Filomena Scarfone in an embrace with her husband and son outside with trees in the background. Owner of Scarfone Imaging, Niagara's best fine art printed on stone
Hi, I'm Filomena Scarfone

I'm not just your professional photographer, I'm also a dedicated mom and wife, with over 25 years of experience behind the lens. My journey in photography began at Sheridan College's prestigious Applied Photography Program, where I was among the select 80 students chosen from a pool of over 800 applicants. From the start, my fascination with the art of creative expression naturally led me to the captivating world of photography.

However, my genuine passion for capturing life's moments was ignited long before my professional endeavors. Watching a family member preserve our cherished memories with a camera, I realized that photography was more than just freezing moments in time. It's about capturing the essence of a fleeting moment, the interplay of light on a subject's face, or the grace of an exquisite object. It's about preserving emotions and narratives for generations to come.

This love affair with photography propelled me to follow this path wholeheartedly. Photography, to me, is an intricate dance of light, time, distance, and the art of encapsulating it all in one frame. Just like this story I'm sharing, taking a photograph is key to narrating an experience. Whether it's a person, a structure, or a landscape, my aim is for you to perceive the tale or memory just as I witnessed and felt it.

As I continue to craft my visual tales, my love for this art form only deepened into creating fine art pieces printed on stone, for thoughtful and unique gifts for your loved ones. 


Photography and fine art printing isn't merely a job for me; it's a source of genuine joy and fulfillment. Every click of the shutter and every print I create brings me happiness, and I strive to infuse this passion into my work, hoping it resonates with you too.

A bride and groom sitting together. Image captured by Scarfone Imaging, professional photography and fine art printed on stone. Niagara Ontario
Photograph of the Eiffel Tower. Image captured by Scarfone Imaging, professional photography and fine art printed on stone. Niagara Ontario
A pair of red highheels on driftwood. Image captured by Scarfone Imaging, professional photography and fine art printed on stone. Niagara Ontario

Your Cherished Moments Into Treasures

Filomena Scarfone with her husband and son smiling into the camera. Owner of Scarfone Imaging, professional photography and fine art printed on stone in Niagara

My Little Heart & Soul 

Watching my son Noah grow up, I'm beginning to see his budding affinity for art. This fills me with so much joy! My aspiration is to pass down the craft of painting with light and capturing the stories of others through his eyes. I hope that, like me, he finds true happiness in art's embrace.

Please take your time to explore my website and the heartfelt stories woven within these unique gifts and treasures. I promise to continue bringing you fresh narratives of joy, encapsulating the memories of your loved ones for years to come.

Feel free to view my shop and portfolio, reach out with any questions or book a photoshoot so we can create your own timeless story!

"I had been thinking of you because the wedding present of the coasters and trivet I bought from you for our friends wedding was such a huge success. They actually phoned me from Italy, on their honeymoon, to tell me how much they loved it and the beauty of your pieces and the sentiment and meaningfulness behind them, was pure joy for them.

Thanks for assisting me in coming up with the best wedding gift ever."


A groom dipping his bride in front of a building. Image captured by Scarfone Imaging, professional photography services in Niagara

Looking for a Photographer?

Check out the Scarfone Services that are available across Niagara.

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